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National Alumni Day 5k Registration

Delta Sigma Pi - Pi Rho is proud to host a virtual 5k race for National Alumni Day in order to raise money for the Mike Weaver Helping Friends Forever Foundation. Registration is $5 and all proceeds will be donated to the foundation. Anyone is welcome to participate!

Venmo @dsppirho to pay your registration fee

How to Participate 

The Mike Weaver Foundation

The Mike Weaver Helping Friends Forever Foundation is committed to donating AEDs to nonprofits and families in need. They believe in the power of change and  strive to make a difference in the world every single day. Delta Sigma Pi supports the Mike Weaver Foundation's cause and aims to help them raise funds to provide life-saving equipment to those who need it most. 

Please visit to learn more and to donate. 

Women's Race

Registration Details

In addition to filling out this form, Venmo $5 to @dsppirho with the description "Alumni Day 5k" by April 24th, 11:59pm to claim your registration.

Thank you for registering for the National Alumni Day 5k!

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