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Delta Sigma Pi is America's foremost professional business fraternity. The Pi Rho Chapter, founded in 2008 at University of Massachusetts Amherst, strives to excel in the study of business as well as professionalism, leadership, brotherhood, service, and diversity.

A nexus of 297+ chapters internationally.

An alumni network of over 285,000+ brothers worldwide.

A connection.

A brotherhood.

An opportunity. 


Our pillars are Professional Development, Leadership, Service & Philanthropy, Brotherhood, and Diversity & Ethics.

We strive to bring together diverse, like-minded business students on campus and beyond.


At 14 years old, our chapter has initiated hundreds of members over the years. Currently, Pi Rho has 135 undergraduates. Led by an officer team of 17, our brothers come from all over the world, and study different subjects in business and beyond.


Fly Delta & Join the Business Class!

Our Spring 2021 virtual recruitment season has finished! Check on our website, Instagram, and Facebook to stay updated about our recruitment for the fall semester. Learn more about how our recruitment works below.



My name is Dante Pantaleo and I am the President of the Pi Rho Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst. I feel honored and privileged to write to you on behalf of our chapter.

The Pi Rho Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi is a diverse group comprised of driven individuals that together foster an environment of varying cultures, races, ethnicities, religions, and perspectives, all with the common interests of professional development, scholarship, and community service.

It is our chapter’s foremost priority to bring equal opportunities to voices that may be underrepresented within our Isenberg School of Management community, and to improve upon our ways as a group to promote more inclusivity than ever before. I am happy to announce our new implementation of the Director of Diversity & Inclusion position within our chapter to help us bridge this gap within the Isenberg community, as well as to form meaningful relationships with other student cultural organizations within the UMass community.

With a focus on professionalism, Delta Sigma Pi aids its members in forming lifelong connections, that serve to enrich their relationships both professionally and personally, and to find a sense of community within Isenberg that is unmatched. It truly is like having a hundred best friends with united and similar goals, varied upon such a robust variety of different backgrounds.

Our chapter hosts extensive efforts in the fields of community service, scholarship, social activity, and of course professional development, to ensure that our brothers are well rounded and can create bonds that go further than purely an academic level.

For the first time in over a year and a half, our 141 brothers have been able to

assemble as an entire chapter in-person for the Fall 2021 semester. We are incredibly

excited to continue furthering our fraternal bonds and to expand our chapter with

new and diverse membership.

We are so excited to meet you and hope that you participate in our

recruitment process!


Dante Pantaleo

Pi Rho Chapter President - 2021

pantaleo dante.jpeg


Whether you have a question about joining, partners and sponsors, or if you'd just like to say hi to the chapter, you can reach us at our email address ( You can expect a response in 24 - 48 hours of your submission! Thanks for reaching out!